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Small Improvements: our Social Media Share Links Generator!

We created a small tool that makes a marketer's life easier. Generate sharing links for major social media with a single click - and make the boring stuff last seconds.

Any time you can do something faster, you probably should. Or at least, when quality does not suffer as a consequence. We got a nifty little tool for you, that will make it easier to share your content with audiences on different social media networks.

Here it is! Click here to generate share links

What does our Social Media link generator do?

It... generates sharing links for major social media websites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Sharing must be easy and friction-less, so that more people want to engage others using your content. No need to manually copy anything – just input the link once and the rest is done by our tool.

How to use it?

Put in the link you want to share in the field forms. It can be your blog post, a YouTube vid, an article from a reputable source (hopefully!) or basically anything with an URL. You can (but don't have to) also add some custom text, which will be visible on some social media – like Twitter and LinkedIn. Press "Generate links" and a fraction of a second later, your customized links will pop up with buttons to copy and share them immediately. Finally, you can copy the links into your emails, or onto your website. Voilà!

Why does it exist?

We created it for ourselves, but hey, why not share the sharing thing? 😉

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Phoenix LiveView Tutorial: Adding Phoenix PubSub and Pow Authentication to Messenger
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Phoenix LiveView Tutorial: Adding Phoenix PubSub and Pow Authentication to Messenger

We've already bootstrapped our Phoenix LiveView-based Messenger app's database structure and a first LiveView page.

This time, we're going to improve real-time communication between the app's users using Phoenix PubSub, and use the Pow library to add secure user authentication.

As of November 2020, the latest Phoenix LiveView version is 0.14.8 - and the series has been updated to match it!

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5 top-tier companies that use Elixir

Elixir is a pretty capable language - and it consistently ranks near the top of most loved and wanted languages rankings. It has a large following and some very persuasive preachers as well. But that would not be enough to make me like it – what I need as real proof of its strengths is real businesses that strive with Elixir.

That’s what this list is all about – a bunch of stories from top companies that chose Elixir and never looked back. Let us show you how its power and versatility shows in practice.