Senior Elixir Developer

  • Job position publication date 2023-02-15
    Job position location Poznań

    Position: Senior Elixir Developer

    Stack: Mainly Elixir, Erlang/OTP, Phoenix Framework, Absinthe (GraphQL), REST API, Several Google & other external service integrations, ElasticSearch, Kubernetes, GCP

    Salary: 13000 - 19000 PLN net - B2B or equivalent on Mandate contract- your choice

    Location: Office in Poznań (hybrid or fully remote from anywhere 100% possibility - it's up to you)

    Benefits: No matter the contract type, you get - Fully covered health & life insurance, paid sick leave and 20 vacation days, Multisport and many more

    Working Hours: Full Time and complete flexibility - We mean it - you manage your schedule fully

    Start: ASAP

    We are fully open for all of the candidates from all the countries covered by Poland Business Harbour - for any details, check the official website of PBH.


    Hello There!
    Listen - We know there are many offers out there, so we'll be quick. Give us a minute of your time, and you won't regret it:

    If you want bullet points, look up
    If you want to know our core values and just who we are, look here.
    And of course, everything we can offer you is down here

    We are a Poznan, Poland-based company working on software for various businesses, including but not limited to video games, e-learning, smart insurance, and compliance management platforms, among others.

    If you are reading this, there are two possibilities:


    • You might already be a web application programming expert with experience in Elixir


    • You possess years of experience on your side with any other leading web framework and are thinking of Elixir as the next platform you'd like to work on

    Either way..... CONGRATS on your choices

    We offer:

    • 13 000 - 19 000 net + VAT (B2B) or civil contract - your choice 
    • Work in a way that suits you - remotely or in our office in Poznań. Either way, you will have lots of help from our side
    • MacBook Pro, extra keyboards, screens, headphones, and any other devices you'll need - all the tools you need to use those mad tech skills of yours
    • Health and life insurance - fully covered because we all need to take care of our health
    • Multisport - is also fully covered because we all sometimes need to use a punching bag and let those emotions out
    • Paid holidays - 20 days a year (plus each year you work with us, you get an extra day off to your "account") and paid sick leave - no matter the contract type
    • Lots of team retreats, lunches, and quick PS5 tournaments - optional, of course, but we encourage you to join

    If you join us, you'll have a chance to:

    • Have a real impact on the product that you are creating (don't be a machine, be a real developer)
    • Be at the core of a young, ambitious & integrated team using state-of-the-art technology, with a chance to mentor other programmers,
    • Enjoy a friendly atmosphere & learn new things every day while working on challenging commercial projects
    • Participate in building the company's knowledge base & refining our established know-how
    • Work comfortably from our office in Poznań with flexible hours and paid vacations - or remotely, though our office is equipped with several incentives to say hello! (electric standing desks, PS5, table football, BBQ-powered summer terrace, and many others)

    Technical requirements:

    • 3+ years of professional experience in web application - if you're already familiar with Elixir, Erlang/OTP, and Phoenix Framework, then it's a big plus
    • Solid understanding of web applications, commonly used concepts and tools, and their architectural patterns - terms like DDD, microservices, REST, and GraphQL must ring a bell for you
    • A "best tool for the job" attitude, as well as the ability to predict business consequences of development & design choices and translate requirements from the business level to technical language
    • Good understanding of server infrastructure & deployment solutions
    • Feeling at home with advanced relational DB usage aspects
    • Ability to write clean, well-tested, and maintainable code


    Other skills :

    • Feeling at ease analyzing and resolving complex tasks
    • Proficiency in English - at least a solid B2 or C1- to communicate efficiently with our clients in written and spoken forms.


    Recruitment process
    We don't like to complicate things, so the recruitment process is pretty straightforward:

    If possible, we are trying to combine initial and technical interviews into one (nobody likes long processes), but the process is going to consist of:

    • Initial and technical interview - we'll get to know each other, describe in more detail what we do at Curiosum, and answer all your questions about the company and project, once we feel like we can work with each other, we'll proceed to a technical skills interview (45-60 min)

    *For this particular big project, the final part of the process will be the meeting with our client's representative, where we'll hopefully confirm we're all on the same page(at least 1 hour)

    Notice: We operate in English, so knowledge of Polish is not mandatory.