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React Native has been our mobile app development technology of choice since the very beginning. To ensure that we provide top-tier expertise, we have decided to make React our primary client framework for both web and mobile applications.

Our extensive expertise in React Native consulting has resulted in the successful completion of numerous projects for companies of all sizes.

Why React Native for mobile app development?

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Cross-Platform Solution
React Native allows developers to create apps for both iOS and Android with a single codebase, significantly cutting development time and costs. This makes it a cost-effective choice for businesses looking to reach a wide audience quickly.
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Rich Ecosystem
With its extensive library support and active developer community, React Native speeds up problem-solving and development. This ecosystem ensures businesses can easily stay on top of the latest tech trends and solutions developed for iOS and Android.
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Backed by Facebook

Supported by Facebook, React Native is continuously updated, ensuring it remains a reliable and cutting-edge choice for mobile app development. This support gives businesses confidence in the platform's stability and future potential.

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Good Performance
React Native delivers near-native performance thanks to utilization of native components. This performance level is ideal for businesses prioritizing high-quality user experiences without the full cost of native development.
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We're building exciting React Native-based applications with our clients

We have successfully completed numerous projects based on React Native for startups and established enterprises alike.
Curiosum React Native consulting, our client - Stakester
Stakester connected hundreds of thousands of players who played their favorite games for money and prizes.
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Curiosum React Native dev shop, our client - Ellesz
Dutch healthcare and smart home platform that connects residential clients, companies, and institutions.
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"Thanks to Curiosum, the platform now supports 10 times more users within the same server capacity. Also, external and internal stakeholders are happy with the quality of the mobile application. "

Leander Hambley, Co-founder of Stakester

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We can help you with various React Native-related challenges

React Native mobile app development
React Native consulting
React Native codebase review and refactor
Developing new React Native components
Strategy of migration
to React Native
Scaling React Native application
React Native architecture consulting
Custom React Native software needs

Our React Native expertise is transparent

Being a software development company that embraced React and React Native from the beginning, we've not only had the opportunity to complete numerous React Native projects but also to engage in knowledge sharing and contribute to the growth of the community.
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Cooperation process that simply works

First meeting
We meet to discuss your specific project needs. You will get to know us better, especially in terms of how we cooperate with our clients and how we approach working with React Native projects.

After the meeting, you'll receive a full meeting summary, company overview, and cooperation proposition.
Second meeting
Once you review our proposition and decide to work with us, we will schedule a second meeting to prepare for work. Before that, we usually sign an NDA to keep you safe.

After the paperwork, we start to review the code and project scope to prepare specific tasks and share our ideas regarding improvements.
Development and release
We're ready to work and the real development starts. Every feature development cycle involves programming, code testing, code review, quality assurance and deployment.

Quality is a must for us. Therefore, every project involves a thorough continuous integration process to minimize human errors.
To make sure that both sides are satisfied with the work, we organize regular meetings. Thanks to the feedback loop, we can grow together.

Mistakes and problems may always happen. It's very important to discuss them as soon as they appear and solve them quickly. That's why we value constructive feedback very much.

Cooperation models that fits your organization

We are working with small, medium, and large companies, and we know that each company has its own goals, strategies, and needs.

Regardless of what type of organization you represent, our goal is to be a partner that becomes an integral part of your company.
Curiosum React Native Dev Agency & React Native consulting & React Native dev shop - Outsourcing model
Outsourcing model
We take charge of developing your project from its inception or adding a new module to an existing app. We ensure you're always in the loop by maintaining daily communications and scheduling frequent meetings.
Curiosum React Native Software Development & React Native consulting & React Native dev shop - Staff Augmentation model
Staff augmentation model
We augment your existing team, supplying both the expertise and team expansion required for your projects. Our goal is to ensure that our team members become as much a part of your team as if they joined you in-house.
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Schedule a free React Native consultation

It's completely understandable if you have questions. Over the years, we've found that discussing specific needs and resolving any hesitations works best in a direct meeting. We invite you to arrange a no-cost React Native consulting video call with us.
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