Complete MVP Builder's Guide
for Startups (with checklist)

by Szymon Soppa

Don't sit on your idea.
Execute it!

Building your MVP product can be a challenge, but skipping it altogether makes failure more likely. Battle-test your ideas where they truly matter – with your users.
MVP Builder's Guide for Startups

Thanks to our Ebook and Launch Checklist
you will learn

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What is an MVP?
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How to think about your MVP?
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6 reasons why you need MVP
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How to set the right goals
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How to decide what should be the scope of your MVP
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What is a Build, Measure, Learn cycle

About the author

Szymon Soppa

Szymon Soppa

An experienced developer and CEO at Curiosum. He led multiple outsourcing projects in different industries, and founded an event discovery startup with tens of thousands of downloads on app stores.