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Web App Development

Adaptive web applications that are secure, scalable and intuitive. From MVP to customization, we help you achieve real business results.

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Mobile App Development

Android and iOS app development services, built with newest cross-platform technologies. Flawless performance and great usability.

Man puts hello world into mobile, which sends data to backend

React Native Development

Reach the potential of several billion mobile devices out there in the world with React Native. Save money, gain users.

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Elixir development

We're experts in Elixir, which is great for both MVP stage as well as big established applications that needs scalability and performance.

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Software Consulting

Whether you want to create an app, switch to one of the technologies we use or improve your software quality, we're here to help you.

Why innovate your business with Curiosum?

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Top technology
We use the latest tech, so that your product is future-proof. Top notch back-end and front-end solutions bring stability, fast development and rich features.
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Top experts
Settle for nothing less than the best developers. Your product is no space to compromise on quality!
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Top practices
Proven agile development cycle protects from cost overruns and schedule creep. From the kick-off meeting until support phase, we orient the processes to serve your goals.

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