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Almost 60% of global Internet traffic comes from mobile device users. Don't miss out on 3 in 5 users out there. Build a mobile application solution for your business with Curiosum to target smartphones, tablets, watches and other connected devices.

The pros of building your mobile app with Curiosum

Mobile App Development Services - Cross-Platform Operation

Cross-Platform Operation

With the React Native technology we use for our custom mobile apps for iOS & Android, both leading platforms share a single codebase - thus allowing to cut down on development costs and shorten your solution's time to market.

Mobile App Development Services - Top Productivity

Top Productivity

With our React Native technology of choice, app developers can quickly create rich, interactive mobile applications by writing minimal code with low cross-platform overhead, significantly reducing development time. This boosts productivity as it allows for rapid feature development and easier maintenance of component-based codebases.

Mobile App Development Services - MVP Development & Scaling

MVP Development & Scaling

A mobile application is a great way to validate your business in terms of product-market fit. With state-of-the-art frontend, mobile and backend technologies we use at Curiosum, you'll not only get a Minimum Viable Product for the initial stages of your business outreach - the MVP will already be built with scalability in mind so your product can continue to grow.

Mobile App Development Services - Focus on Product Design

Focus on Product Design

Curiosum pays special attention on User Experience research and UI Design so that mobile apps we ship for you follow best practices in appearance, accessibility and internationalization. We encourage you to team up with us to work together on finessing your ideas, from ideation to product strategy and execution. We are excited to participate in the digital transformation of your business.

Mobile App Development & Consulting services - AI & Machine Learning-powered mobile apps

AI & Machine Learning-powered mobile apps

Teaming up with Curiosum to build mobile apps lets you dive deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - to turn your mobile application into an intelligent assistant or enable it to use generative & analytical AI for the benefit of user experience and business value.

Mobile App Development Services - Great User Experience

Great User Experience

We use React Native to deliver smooth, snappy user experiences just as native Android & iOS apps do, but without the necessity to split work between Kotlin and Swift code. Users enjoy fast, dynamic interactions within the app, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction. There is no uncanny valley effect - the UI is native, not almost native.

Mobile App Development Services - App Modernization

App Modernization

Take your existing mobile application to the latest standards, migrating a legacy application to modern tech with us. Use our vast experience in refactoring, modernizing, and reworking legacy applications and codebases to relieve you from costly technical debt and help you focus on business growth.

Mobile App Development Agency - Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We implement stringent quality assurance measures to all mobile solutions we develop, both in the mobile application and on the server side, performing automated and manual testing alike - tailored to the needs of your specific use case.

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Our mobile app development & consulting portfolio

Mobile apps are our cup of tea. Be sure to find out how we helped our clients grow their businesses with custom solutions for mobile devices.

Curiosum mobile app development & consulting, our client - Stakester
Stakester connected hundreds of thousands of players who played their favorite games for money and prizes.
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Curiosum mobile app dev shop, our client - Ellesz
Dutch healthcare and smart home platform that connects residential clients, companies, and institutions.
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Thanks to Curiosum, the platform now supports 10 times more users within the same server capacity. Also, external and internal stakeholders are happy with the quality of the mobile application. "

Leander Hambley, Co-founder of Stakester

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Mobile app development services we can help you with

Mobile application development services
Mobile application consultancy
Code review & refactoring in mobile apps
Cross-platform mobile app development
AI-powered mobile application development
Outsourcing mobile app development
Mobile app development team extension & staff augmentation
Migrating legacy mobile apps to React Native
Mobile App Product Design Workshops
UI & UX Design for Mobile Applications
Android application development
iOS application development
Development of apps for mobile phones
App development for tablets
Development of TV applications
App development for watches & wearables
Translation (i18n), Localization & Accessibility for mobile apps
IoT Connectivity & smart home integrations
Real-time chat, video & audio call solutions for mobile apps
Security & Quality Assurance of mobile apps

Curiosum - a synergy of mobile & backend expertise

Learn more about our expertise in mobile app development by checking out the various resources we have shared with the community throughout the years.

This knowledge comes from our company's commitment to knowledge sharing, coupled with the insights we've gathered from the numerous projects we've undertaken using this set of technologies.

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Cooperation process that simply works

First meeting
We meet to grasp the specific needs of your project. This session also serves as a chance for you to get to know us better, particularly in terms of how we collaborate with clients and our approach to managing mobile app development projects.

After the meeting, we will supply you with an in-depth recap of our conversation, an overview of our company, and a suggested strategy for partnership.

Second meeting
Once you have reviewed our proposal and decided to proceed with us, we will set up a subsequent meeting to prepare for the project. Generally, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before we proceed, to guarantee your confidentiality.

After completing the initial formalities, we start to analyze the code and the scope of the project to identify specific tasks and offer our recommendations for improvements.
Development and release
We are ready to begin work and initiate actual development. Every phase of feature development includes coding, testing, review, quality assurance, and deployment.

Quality is essential to us; therefore, each project features a full continuous integration process to minimize the risk of human errors.
To guarantee both parties are satisfied with the work, we conduct regular meetings. The feedback from these sessions allows us to enhance our collaboration.

Promptly addressing and quickly resolving any issues or mistakes that arise and happen is essential. That's why we place great importance on constructive feedback.

Cooperation models that fit your organization

We work with businesses of all sizes and stages of maturity, acknowledging that each one has distinct goals, approaches, and needs.

Regardless of your organization's size or nature, our goal is to become a partner that integrates flawlessly into your business.
Curiosum Mobile App Dev & Consulting Agency - Outsourcing model
Outsourcing model
Our responsibility is to develop your project, whether starting from scratch or adding a new module to an existing application. To maintain transparency about our progress, we commit to daily communication and frequent meetings.
Curiosum Mobile App Development & Consultation - Staff Augmentation model
Staff augmentation model
We supplement your current team, providing the necessary expertise and extra manpower for your projects. Our main goal is to ensure that our portion of the team blends in smoothly with yours, giving the feeling of an internal recruitment.
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It's understandable if you have questions, and we'll happily answer all of them. We've found from experience that the best way to discuss specific needs and clarify any doubts is through a direct meeting. We invite you to schedule a free video call consultation for mobile app development.
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