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Meet Digiforma

The long-standing software development outsourcing cooperation between Digiforma and Curiosum has been ongoing since 2020. The French platform is the core product of A World For Us, an enterprise software creator that needed assistance in Elixir programming from a specialized software development agency.

Digiforma, a customizable training and learning management system, has more than 4000 corporate users and 1.1 million end users in France alone.
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Background - what was the idea?

Digiforma is the leading product by A World For Us, a French enterprise pearheading the market of integrated software for training professionals. The company’s mission is to reinvent the sector’s digital tools to enable organizations to succeed in their digital transformation.

The application is a dedicated ERP platform for organizations managing training of individuals and business entities alike, aiming to provide full assistance in business processes through its ecosystem of tools.

The Digiforma platform is a benchmark in its sector, helping organizations deal with administrative management, customer relations, quality monitoring, Quallopi (French national certification of training organizations) compliance, as well as e-learning.

Digiforma training management system


We joined the Digiforma product team to collaborate on an established, large-scale platform for conducting and managing training activities, with a growing e-learning component. Our work has since focused on the development of the product's e-learning capabilities, including a conference tool for webinars and a set of elegant content creation features.

Our full-stack Elixir & React team has contributed to the platform both through participation on day-to-day improvements of the product’s features and by providing development of new functionalities such as a custom video call solution, a quiz management and running system and a bespoke e-learning content editing and presentation platform.

Curiosum’s and Digiforma’s technological stacks make a perfect match, utilizing backend and frontend technologies such as Elixir, Phoenix Framework and Phoenix LiveView, Absinthe, GraphQL and React, which enabled the A World For Us team and Curiosum people to achieve synergy and exchange business and technical know-how between both parties.

Digiforma calendar feature


The client was looking for an experienced Elixir development team to help with their fast-growing enterprise training and education tool. The key to success in this cooperation model was ability to fit the Digiforma internal team culture.

According to Henri Morlaye, co-founder of Digiforma, “hiring for Elixir makes it a little bit harder”, particularly in close vicinity to the company’s headquarters. “Outsourcing is a natural solution to our problem”, says Henri.

A World For Us had been looking for a long-term partnership with people they can trust. “I wanted to find a team we would be very comfortable with – not only on a technical, but also a human level”, said Henri Morlaye commenting on their requirements regarding the choice of a technological partner.

Digiforma quiz result analysis

Team composition

Curiosum team members participate in the development of Digiforma and other projects by A World For Us through a variety of flexible models of collaboration. Over time, 14 Curiosum Elixir & React developers have contributed to the project.

Depending on specific needs, we delegate full-stack Elixir and frontend developers, often dealing with React on the frontend, or specialized React developers where very specific and deep knowledge of the technology is needed.

Digiforma e-learning content editor - editing a survey

Collaboration model

In many cases, it has been practical for A World For Us to maintain a team of in-house software developers, which is well-suited for business-critical parts of the Digiforma core. In this case, Curiosum provides developers on a team-extension basis, participating in the every-day routines of the team and providing development services to extend the team’s capabilities and give the client access to Curiosum’s technological know-how.

When applicable, we also collaborate in the project-based outsourcing model, taking full responsibility for development of several new features of the application. This model has proven to be particularly useful for the purpose of research & development projects such as Digiforma’s brand-new e-learning content editor, a custom video call & conferencing solution, as well as an in-app quiz platform.

Curiosum takes full responsibility for feature development, also taking into account the handover to A World For Us’s in-house team for optimal knowledge retention.

Both collaboration models have also been utilized for digital product development together with A World For Us’s, resulting in several new products complementary to Digiforma - Skills Marketplace, Formalerte, and others.

Henri Morlaye
Henri Morlaye
Co-founder of

"Curiosum team has adapted very well to the way we work and has been able to give valuable contribution to our overall product development."