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Curiosum & Digiforma - outsourcing case study and interview with Henri Morlaye

With their business challenges mounting, organizations look to people like us to succeed. One of our partners – Digiforma from Lyon, France – needed a development team fast, but recruiting was hard and expensive.

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    Digiforma is an educational technology product (Learning management system - LMS) that offers a 360-degrees solution for organizations looking to improve and overhaul their professional training. It has a great product with large customer base – more than 1500 organizations use the Digiforma platform in France alone. It includes a training management system and a complete e-learning platform.

    Henri Morlaye is Digiforma’s co-founder – and we caught up with him recently for a short interview.

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    [Curiosum] How would you describe working with Curiosum?

    [Henri] I think our relationship is very good. Most importantly, I feel that Curiosum has adapted very well to the way we work and has been able to give valuable contribution to our overall product development. This, in turn, helps our business goals.

    Finally, Curiosum shows consistent technical excellence and great communication.

    When and why did you start thinking about outsourcing?

    We started outsourcing in early 2019. It was a very natural decision. We have a fast-growing digital product that needs a growing development team.

    Hiring for our technology makes it a little harder. Finding great Elixir developers in France, especially the area around Lyon, is very difficult. That is why outsourcing is a natural solution to our problem.

    Then, one day, a friend of mine saw Curiosum technical blog posts online. He gave me the tip and here we are.

    What was your priority in looking for an outsourcing company?

    We always want to have a long-term, real relationship with our partners.

    Therefore, I wanted to find a team we would be very comfortable with – not only on a technical, but also a human level. This is in our Digiforma culture, after all.

    Interview by Dawid Bartkowiak

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    What is Digiforma and who uses it?

    Digiforma is an educational technology product, specifically a Learning Management System (LMS), providing a complete solution for organizations aiming to improve and overhaul their professional training. It serves over 1500 organizations in France, featuring a training management system and a full e-learning platform.

    How did Digiforma start working with Curiosum?

    Digiforma began outsourcing to Curiosum in early 2019 due to the need for a growing development team and the difficulty in hiring Elixir developers in the Lyon area. The collaboration was initiated after Digiforma's co-founder received a recommendation about Curiosum's technical blog posts.

    What was Digiforma's priority in choosing an outsourcing company?

    Digiforma prioritized finding an outsourcing partner that could establish a long-term, genuine relationship, aligning both technically and humanely with Digiforma's culture.

    How has Curiosum contributed to Digiforma's product development?

    Curiosum has adapted well to Digiforma's working style and contributed significantly to the product development, thus supporting Digiforma's business goals and exhibiting consistent technical excellence and great communication.

    What challenges does Digiforma address for organizations?

    Digiforma addresses the challenges organizations face in professional training by providing an all-encompassing educational technology solution, aimed at improving and modernizing professional training processes.

    How does Curiosum's approach align with Digiforma's business goals?

    Curiosum's approach aligns with Digiforma's business goals by adapting to their work processes and contributing valuable insights and technical expertise to the product development, which in turn, supports Digiforma's overall objectives.

    What makes Curiosum stand out as an outsourcing partner for Digiforma?

    Curiosum stands out due to its ability to closely align with Digiforma's work culture and needs, ensuring a strong partnership beyond just technical skills, and by providing valuable contributions to the product development and business goals.

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