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Elixir Meetups by Curiosum - for Who and When?

Why did we decide to organize Elixir Meetups by Curiosum? We realized there was a lack of live Elixir events in our area. Moreover, it turned out that there are only a few of them in the whole of Europe. So we thought... Why not? Let's do this!

The little story of Elixir programming language

The Elixir language, operating on an Erlang machine, is constantly gaining more and more followers. Where can these languages be used? How was Elixir created and what does it have in common with Erlang?

Top Elixir Learning Media & Resources in 2022

Regardless of whether you've only just heard of the Elixir programming language and would like to learn it, or if you're a seasoned developer with years of experience, you need adequate learning resources to ensure steady progress in your career - and just equally as important is the need to be up to date with what's new & trending in the functional

Elixir Programming Language - Interview

Michał Buszkiewicz, CTO at Curiosum, was a guest in Podcast POIT ("Porozmawiajmy o IT"/"Let's talk about IT") conducted by Krzysztof Kempiński. The interview took place in Polish, but the content discussed during the meeting was extremely interesting, so we decided to make English transcription for you.