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Context maintainability & guidelines in Elixir & Phoenix

Context maintainability & guidelines in Elixir & Phoenix

The concept of Phoenix Context may appear straightforward, yet its potential for significantly boosting Phoenix app maintainability is profound. However, the truth is many developers grapple with its effective implementation. In this blog post, I will unveil a strategic solution for optimizing context organization, a critical step towards sustainable and efficient Phoenix app development.

Continuous integration (CI) Elixir

Mastering Elixir CI pipeline

Developer time is precious for business. Don't waste it on things that can be easily automated. One of these things is a part of the code review process - quality checks. Continuous integration (CI) is where this automation is put in place, and in this article, I'd love to walk you through our setup.

Why Disqus slows down your page

Why Disqus slows down your page and how to fix it?

There are a lot of pages using Disqus as a way to communicate with readers. It's a great comments widget that comes with a free plan included which is probably one of the main reasons for its success.

It has, however, a drawback - using it causes an increase in page load time. In this article, you'll learn how to fix that with a simple hack.