When a marketing company needs top developers, the search is on. Our partner, Staenk, was precisely in this spot - but then they found us! Read a short interview with Staenk CEO and Founder we conducted this week!

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    Swann Le Moigne is pretty dynamic - he speaks rather fast, but the focus is clear from behind his glasses. He is the founder of Staenk, one of the top digital marketing agencies in France.

    When he needed to quickly put good work into LexMarketing - a new product by Staenk - Curiosum was the top choice. How did the cooperation come to be, and what are the results? We sat down for a short interview with Swann to find out the answer.

    Why did you decide to outsource the project to Curiosum?

    First, there are not that many good developers in France. Finding good candidates is really hard, so outsourcing was a natural option.

    This is especially true in the technology stack we use – Elixir, Phoenix, React, GraphQL. Specialists in those technologies are scarce, and good specialists even more so.

    What were your expectations?

    We outsource other elements of our business as well, like building websites for some of our clients, so we knew what to expect and what we want from partners.

    Professionalism, keeping a tight schedule, and being proactive is what we require. We spoke to some other companies before choosing Curiosum, and found them overpromising in comparison to what they could deliver.

    Curiosum answered the call – we needed someone who could be there for us from Day 1.

    What is LexMarketing?

    Staenk is a digital marketing agency, we help businesses grow and build their online strategy. Search engines, content marketing, social media etc. We have offices in Lyon and Paris. And we do almost everything in-house.

    LexMarketing, which was built by Curiosum, is our product dedicated to law companies and practices. It is a one-stop-shop for online marketing in this pretty challenging market, where generating exposure and generating leads can be rough.

    What was the effect of partnering with Curiosum?

    Curiosum built the app fast and it simply works. We were happy that Szymon and Michał gave us good feedback as well, they were not just executing, they were thinking with us what can be improved.

    Communication was excellent – we liked how our Slack channel worked. While I’m not a tech person, we found no technical challenges that were too hard in this project. But again, it was the understanding of our business perspective that I would like to rate 5/5.

    Interview by Dawid Bartkowiak


    What motivated Staenk to outsource to Curiosum?

    Staenk opted for outsourcing due to the scarcity of skilled developers in France, particularly those specialized in technologies like Elixir, Phoenix, React, and GraphQL.

    What were Staenk's expectations from Curiosum?

    Staenk expected professionalism, adherence to tight schedules, and a proactive approach from their outsourcing partner, qualities they found lacking in other companies.

    What is LexMarketing?

    LexMarketing is a product developed by Curiosum for Staenk, targeting law companies with comprehensive online marketing solutions to enhance exposure and lead generation.

    What were the results of Staenk's partnership with Curiosum?

    The collaboration resulted in the rapid development of LexMarketing, with Curiosum providing valuable feedback and maintaining excellent communication, leading to a successful project without significant technical challenges.

    How does Staenk's business model integrate with LexMarketing?

    As a digital marketing agency, Staenk focuses on various online strategies, including content marketing and social media, aiming to grow businesses. LexMarketing aligns with this model by offering specialized marketing services for law firms.

    What sets Curiosum apart from other companies in Staenk's perspective?

    Staenk valued Curiosum's understanding of their business perspective, their communication channels, and their ability to deliver quickly without overpromising, distinguishing them from other potential partners.

    What are the key technologies used in LexMarketing's development?

    The development of LexMarketing involved technologies such as Elixir, Phoenix, React, and GraphQL, which are specialties of Curiosum and were pivotal in the product's construction.

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