5 Reasons
Why Software Development
Outsourcing Fails

date 22.09.2020
date 11:00 CEST
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There is plenty you can do to secure your business goals when outsourcing all or parts of your software development. But many organizations do not, and suffer consequences.

In this webinar, we bring you top 5 mistakes that happen on both sides – yours and the partner.
Two people cooperating when building algorithm

Top 5 mistakes
in Software Development Outsourcing

Join us to learn how those can make or break the upcoming app

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Misplaced or outsized expectations
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Choosing the wrong tools
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Bad time management and low trust
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Lack of communication
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and Missing the element of human ambition
Michał Buszkiewicz

Michał Buszkiewicz

An experienced developer and Chief Technical Officer of Curiosum. He led multiple outsourcing projects in different industries, and after hours, he is a programming instructor.

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