Bespoke one-stop-shop for online marketing management

Meet LexMarketing

Built by Curiosum, LexMarketing is a bespoke one-stop-shop for online marketing management for law companies. In an extremely competitive law market, the product helps law organizations generate leads and exposure.

LexMarketing is a product by Staenk, a leading French digital marketing agency.
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We set out to create specialized software to enable law practices to cut down their time spent doing marketing and increasing its efficacy. The app was built using Elixir, which was the tech of choice from the client. The entire company stack was Elixir, Phoenix (in which we used Phoenix LiveView).

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The software was to be built in a relatively short period of time. The client was looking for a company that fits their company culture as well. Curiosum had to be a fully-functioning contractor from Day 1, and the client expected proactive cooperation and open feedback.

Swann Le Moigne
Swann Le Moigne
Co-founder of

"Finding experts in the tech stack we use - Elixir, Phoenix, React, GraphQL - is not easy. Curiosum understood our business perspective well and offered valuable feedback. That is exactly what we expect from our outsourcing partners."