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Keep a lean & lightweight tech stack with Phoenix LiveView, a highly acclaimed, innovational full-stack technology for frontend and backend alike. With Elixir’s reactivity and scalability, use Phoenix LiveView to build live, real-time apps for several thousands of connected users.

Key advantages of Phoenix LiveView

Phoenix LiveView Software House - Phoenix LiveView Scalability

High Scalability

Phoenix LiveView leverages the power of Elixir and the BEAM VM, enabling applications to handle millions of users concurrently without breaking a sweat. This scalability ensures your app grows seamlessly with your user base. Auxillary tools such as Phoenix PubSub and Phoenix Presence also contribute greatly to LiveView’s scalability and reliability.

Phoenix LiveView Consulting - Phoenix LiveView Productivity

Top Productivity

With Phoenix LiveView, Elixir developers can quickly create rich, interactive web applications by writing minimal code with a slim frontend footprint, significantly reducing development time. This boosts productivity as it allows for rapid feature development and easier maintenance of component-based codebases.

Phoenix LiveView Consultancy - Phoenix LiveView Great Experience

Great User Experience

Phoenix LiveView delivers smooth, real-time user experiences similar to single-page applications but without the complexity of JavaScript frameworks. Users enjoy fast, dynamic interactions directly in the browser, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction. Real-time interactions between large numbers of users become smooth and easy to maintain.

Phoenix LiveView Dev Shop - Phoenix LiveView No-JS

Zero-JS Frontend

Eliminate the need for complex JavaScript by using Phoenix LiveView, which allows you to create interactive, real-time web applications using just Elixir. This reduces frontend development time and simplifies your tech stack, while still delivering high-quality features with JS code reduced to little or none.

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We have helped our clients achieve success at scale with Phoenix LiveView

Phoenix LiveView helps lay foundation for lightweight & lean technological stacks, and building a team of full-stack developers for your project becomes straightforward.

Curiosum Phoenix LiveView software development services, our client - Digiforma
Integrated Utility Management Ecosystem SaaS, revolutionizing utility measurement, management and billing
Check WeBill case study ➜
Curiosum Phoenix LiveView dev shop, our client - Ellesz

Dedicated ERP & training management platform with integrated e-learning system

Check Digiforma case study ➜
Curiosum Phoenix LiveView consulting, our client - Stakester
EdTech market monitoring platform for training organizations
Check Formalerte case study ➜
"Curiosum enabled our team to develop a complete platform despite their lack of prior knowledge about Elixir stacks. In addition, their team impressed the client with their honesty, integrity, availability, and efficiency.""

Ayal Rosenberg, Co-founder & Developer of WeBill

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We can support you with various Phoenix web framework-related challenges

Phoenix LiveView app development
Phoenix LiveView consulting
Phoenix LiveView
codebase review & refactor
Developing new Phoenix LiveView components
Migrating to Phoenix LiveView from Rails, Hotwire & others
Scaling Phoenix LiveView apps
Phoenix LiveView architecture consulting
Phoenix LIveView & JS interoperability
Intranet & Backoffice Phoenix LIveView Applications
Dashboards & monitoring tools with Phoenix LiveView
Cross-platform mobile apps with LiveView Native
Form filling & processing apps with Phoenix LiveView
Phoenix LiveView-powered data presentation & visualization
Live Chat & AI Chatbot solutions with Phoenix LIveView
Interactive Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning apps with LiveView
Phoenix LiveView UIs for Elixir applications
Translation (i18n), Localization & Accessibility for Phoenix LiveView
IoT Monitoring with Phoenix LiveView
Reactive Web UIs with Phoenix LiveView
Security & Quality Assurance of Phoenix LiveView apps

Curiosum - a team of Phoenix LiveView experts

Discover more about our proficiency in Phoenix LiveView by exploring the numerous resources we've contributed to the community over time.

This expertise stems from our firm culture of sharing knowledge, in addition to the experience gained from dozens of projects we have developed using this technology stack.

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Cooperation process that simply works

First meeting
We convene to understand the particular requirements of your project. This will be an opportunity for you to become more familiar with us, especially regarding our client collaboration practices and our methodology for managing Phoenix web framework projects.

Following the meeting, we will provide you with a comprehensive summary of our discussion, an introduction to our company, and a proposed plan for partnership.
Second meeting
After you have evaluated our proposal and choose to engage with us, we will arrange a follow-up meeting to get ready for the project. Typically, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) beforehand to ensure your security.

Once the formalities are completed, we begin to examine the code and project scope to outline particular tasks and share our suggestions for enhancements.
Development and release
We are prepared to commence work and actual development kicks off. Each cycle of feature development encompasses coding, testing, reviewing, ensuring quality, and deployment.

Quality is imperative to us. Hence, every project incorporates a comprehensive continuous integration process to reduce the possibility of human errors.
To ensure mutual satisfaction with the work, we hold regular meetings. The feedback loop from these meetings enables us to improve together.

It's natural for mistakes and issues to occur. Addressing them promptly and resolving them swiftly is crucial. This is why we highly value constructive feedback.

Cooperation models that fit your organization

We collaborate with companies of various sizes, recognizing that each has unique objectives, strategies, and requirements.

No matter the size or type of your organization, our aim is to become a partner that is seamlessly integrated into your company.
Curiosum Phoenix LiveView Dev Agency & Phoenix LiveView Consulting - Outsourcing model
Outsourcing model
We are tasked with developing your project either from the ground up or as an additional module to an existing application. To keep you informed about our progress, we ensure daily communication and regular meetings.
Curiosum Phoenix LiveView Dev Shop & Phoenix LiveView Consultation - Staff Augmentation model
Staff augmentation model
We augment your existing team, supplying the expertise and additional personnel required for your projects. Our primary objective is to ensure that our segment of the team integrates seamlessly with yours, creating the impression of an in-house hire.
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Schedule a free Phoenix LiveView app consultation

It's natural that you may have questions, and that's completely okay. Experience has taught us that discussing specific requirements and clearing any uncertainties is most effectively achieved through a meeting. We encourage you to arrange a complimentary video call consultation for Phoenix web development.
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