Most advanced, user-friendly, and open-sourced translations system for Elixir and Phoenix projects

Meet Kanta

Kanta is our open-source tool developed by Curiosum that allows you to easily edit translations via UI in Elixir & Phoenix applications.

Think of it as a user-friendly administration admin panel for non-tech people responsible for translations within your company.
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Kanta description

Kanta is an innovative open-source translation management tool designed for Elixir and Phoenix projects, targeting both technical and non-technical personnel involved in web app internationalization. It simplifies the management of .po GNU gettext files, easing the translation process and eliminating the need for a traditional release cycle. This allows developers to focus more on software development and less on internationalization complexities.

Kanta dashboard view

Kanta is designed to work with projects based on Elixir & Phoenix tech stack. In addition, it utilizes Phoenix Live View, Postgres, and Tailwind, to offer a dynamic, user-friendly interface with efficient database management for translations. Key features include analyzing .po files for missing translations, a dashboard for easy updates, caching for performance, and progress tracking for translations.

Kanta translations list management view

Enhancing its capabilities, when needed, Kanta provides powerful plugins like DeepL API integration for machine translations, PO Writer plugin for flexible translation management and KantaSync plugin to synchronize translations between different environments. This versatility makes Kanta a comprehensive tool for efficient translation management in Elixir/Phoenix web apps, accessible to a wide range of users without impacting app performance or reliability.

Kanta single translation management view