How to redirect back to previous page in Elixir & Phoenix?

In this post, you'll learn how to easily redirect users to the previous path using the Navigation History plug.

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    It's super easy, first add the plug to dependencies:

    def deps do
        {:navigation_history, "~> 0.3"}]

    Then, add it to your pipeline of choice (in most cases it's gonna be :browser):

    pipeline :browser do
      plug NavigationHistory.Tracker

    Now, you can use use available NavigationHistory.last_path/1 function to access the previous path:

    redirect(conn, to: NavigationHistory.last_path(conn))

    That's it! You can also exclude specific paths from navigation history:

    plug NavigationHistory.Tracker, excluded_paths: ["/login", ~r(/admin.*)]

    Find more details about this lib here:

    Until next time!

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