From onboarding to employee engagement - Curiosum tips on building IT company culture

The Curiosum way of greeting newly hired employees and keeping the employee lifecycle and workplace culture thriving.

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    Onboarding and keeping your employees engaged and happy

    In this blog post, we will walk you through the different stages of our employee onboarding process, from filling out a questionnaire to joining the team and receiving the first project. We will also share tips and tricks on keeping our employees happy and comfortable, such as social events, anniversary gifts, and everyday appreciation of their input.

    We take pride in our company culture and values, and we believe that investing in our employees' well-being and happiness is crucial for our success as a company. So, let's dive in and learn more about the Curiosum onboarding experience and how we keep our employees thriving!


    The onboarding process

    Onboarding new employees is a crucial process in any organization, as it sets the tone for the new employee's experience with the company. It is a process of integrating a new employee into the team and a chance to set expectations and provide necessary information about the company's goals, values, and policies. A well-executed and effective onboarding process can help new hires acclimate to the company culture and hit the ground running. In contrast, a poorly executed onboarding process can lead to confusion and frustration.

    Therefore, at Curiosum, we put a lot of effort into ensuring the onboarding process is smooth, informative, and fun. We have designed it to be efficient and personalized so that each new employee can get up to speed quickly and feel welcome in our team. Here are the seven stages of our onboarding program:

    Filling up the questionnaire

    After a candidate accepts our job offer, we send them a questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire includes the necessary onboarding program details, such as the start date, availability, and personal preferences. We use this information to adjust the onboarding gift package, which will be waiting for them on their first day, and to customize their onboarding experience to fit their needs better.

    Creating an onboarding package

    We want our new hires to feel welcomed and appreciated. We have prepared a special onboarding package with Curiosum merchandise, such as a branded jumper, thermal cup, stickers, and more. This package shows that we care about the new employee's comfort and that they are a valuable part of our team. from the moment they get their new job with us.

    Onboarding meeting

    The actual day of the onboarding meeting is split into several parts. First, the new hires will meet with the CEO and CTO to get a feel for the company's leadership and then with their designated buddy (their go-to person), who will show them around and help them navigate the company culture. Finally, the HR specialist will lead the main meeting, covering everything the new hire needs to know about joining the team, including going through paperwork etc.

    Getting sorted with knowledge, documents, and regulations

    To be comfortable and efficient, the new employee needs to understand the company's internal processes, policies, and regulations. Therefore, we provide them with tools and time to read up on everything they need to know about the internal operations of Curiosum, including any documents and regulations they must be aware of.

    Filling up a "Hello Card."

    A remote work environment can be challenging for new employees. That is why we have created a "Hello Card" document that allows them to introduce themselves to the team. The Hello Card includes a short bio, a meme of your choice, and a few fun facts about the new employee. It helps to break the ice and create a welcoming atmosphere even if they haven't had a chance to meet everyone yet.

    Joining the team

    Meeting the team is an essential step in the onboarding process. We encourage new employees to join team meetings, social events, and informal chats to get to know their colleagues and project teams.

    Assigning the first project or a task

    Finally, the new employee will receive their first project or internal tasks. We assign them challenging but achievable tasks, so they can get a sense of accomplishment and contribute to the team's success.

    Bonus stage: Marketing "showing off."

    At Curiosum, we are proud of all our employees, especially new hires, and we want to share their talents and skills with the world. Therefore, the first week we always ask their permission to feature them on our website and social media. In addition, we showcase their skills, hobbies, and achievements and welcome them to the Curiosum Team.

    The onboarding process is critical to the success of any company. At Curiosum, we have designed a comprehensive and personalized onboarding process that ensures our new hires feel welcomed, supported, and informed. We believe that investing time and resources in the onboarding process pays off in the long run, leading to greater employee engagement and higher job satisfaction.


    Employee engagement is the key to a stress-free company culture

    Looking at our onboarding process, you can clearly see, Curiosum understands that keeping our employees happy and comfortable is essential for their job satisfaction, productivity, and overall well-being. In addition, we believe that a positive work environment fosters creativity, innovation, and teamwork. Therefore, we have implemented various programs and initiatives to ensure our employees feel valued, appreciated, and supported.

    Employee Social Events and Outings

    We believe that social events and outings are an excellent way to strengthen the bond between team members and promote a sense of belonging. They also drive higher employee engagement naturally. Therefore, we organize various social events, such as team-building activities, company-wide outings, and virtual hangouts - it is in our company's culture. We also encourage team members to suggest and plan their social events, such as game nights, cooking classes, or book clubs. These events allow our employees to connect personally, get to know each other's interests and hobbies, and have fun together outside of work.

    Anniversary Gifts

    We celebrate our employees' milestones and achievements, such as work anniversaries, promotions, or completing a significant project. We believe recognizing our employees' efforts and contributions is essential for their motivation and job satisfaction. Therefore, we offer anniversary gifts, such as personalized merchandise, gift cards and other gadgets. These gifts are a token of appreciation and a way to show that we value our employees' loyalty and dedication.

    Appreciation and Feedback

    We believe everyday appreciation and feedback are crucial for our employee's morale and motivation. Therefore, we encourage our colleagues to regularly recognize and praise each other's efforts, achievements, and contributions. We try to observe and appreciate all that our co-workers and employees create; sometimes, it is just too much to keep up with, but thankfully other colleagues also celebrate each other's improvements and milestones. We also encourage open and constructive feedback and offer regular performance reviews to help our employees grow and develop their skills.

    Work-Life Balance

    We believe work-life balance is essential for our employees' mental and physical health, happiness, and productivity. That is why we offer flexible working hours, remote work options, and paid time off. We also encourage our employees to take breaks, prioritize their well-being, and pursue their interests and passions outside of work. We believe a healthy work-life balance allows our employees to recharge, be more productive, and bring their best selves to work.

    Small advice from the Curiosum team

    In our little Software House, we strive to create a positive, supportive, and welcoming work environment for our employees. Happy and comfortable employees lead to a thriving company. Therefore, we prioritize ideas and initiatives that will improve employee engagement and promote social connections, recognition, feedback, and work-life balance. We believe that investing in our employees' well-being is the right thing to do and an innovative business strategy.


    What is IT company culture and why is it important?

    IT company culture refers to the environment and ethos of a technology-oriented company, emphasizing values, behaviors, and practices that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of a business. It's important for attracting talent, promoting employee satisfaction, and maintaining high productivity.

    How can effective onboarding contribute to IT company culture?

    Effective onboarding helps new employees integrate into the company culture, understand their roles, and adjust to the company's working style, leading to better employee engagement and retention.

    What are some elements of a successful onboarding process in IT companies?

    A successful onboarding process in IT companies may include a structured introduction to the company, providing necessary resources and information, assigning a buddy or mentor, and gradually integrating the new employee into projects and team activities.

    How can companies promote employee engagement in the IT sector?

    Companies can promote employee engagement by organizing social events, recognizing employee achievements, providing regular feedback, and ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

    What role does feedback play in building a positive IT company culture?

    Feedback is crucial for personal development, improving work quality, and fostering open communication, thereby contributing to a positive company culture and employee satisfaction.

    How does work-life balance impact IT company culture?

    Work-life balance is essential for employee well-being, reducing burnout, and maintaining productivity, thereby positively impacting the company culture and employee retention.

    What are some activities that can strengthen team bonds in IT companies?

    Activities like team-building exercises, social outings, and shared interest clubs can help strengthen team bonds and improve collaboration and communication within IT companies.

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