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What is Curiosum's mission?

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Our mission is to build the best products possible inside the framework the client sets up. We help partners achieve their goals through staying cohesive and competitive, with latest tech always in our arsenal.

Where are you located?

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Our company is headquartered in Poznań, Poland. Thanks to our operation in Central European Time, we are in constant contact with our clients from all over the world.

What can Curiosum help me with?

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We are the partner of choice for companies that want the highest performance and expertise in custom software development and outsourcing, web & mobile application development and software consulting. Check out our services.

Do you provide any services apart from Software Development?

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In addition to web & mobile software development, we also provide IT consulting services. If you are in the process of changing the software technology in your team, you are wondering which technology to choose in the project or how to escalate the application from MVP to MMP - we are here for you.

What clients and industries have you worked with?

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We work with companies from various industries from around the world. We work for companies such as Hiro (insurance), Digiforma (elearning) or Lexmarketing (marketing for the legal industry) and many other companies that we cannot mention due to confidential data on cooperation. If you’d like to check what customers say about us, check out our reviews on Clutch and Portfolio.

How long have you been on the market?

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Curiosum was established in 2019. The founders of Curiosum - Szymon Soppa and Michał Buszkiewicz have over 10 years of experience in mobile & web software development. Get to know us more by clicking on about us.

Why should I choose you and not hire my own Software Development team?

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If you care about software organized in an agile way to implement your project and idea - leave it to us - software production experts. If you have the appropriate financial resources, knowledge of how to recruit the right team and time for developing the application - you can bet on your team.

Read about software development outsourcing and if you have doubts which form of sourcing you should choose, arrange a consultation with us - we will help you make the right decision for your project.

Do you have any testimonials from satisfied customers?

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You can check the opinions and testimonials of our clients on Clutch and in Portfolio on our website. You can find interviews with our clients on our blog.

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