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10 questions in Recruitment process

What are the recruitment process stages at Curiosum?

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It all depends on the specific role that you are applying for within our company. However, the basic rule is that we try our best to make the recruitment process as short and quick as possible. It usually consists of two stages. The first interview after your application is to establish a connection and check if our company fits your perception of a great place of work. We also like to see if you not only fit our culture but can improve it by being yourself. The second stage is mainly technical and is used to assess your abilities and check if you are confident with your skillset.

What should I do if I want to apply for two positions?

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If you feel you are an excellent fit for more than one role within our community, simply apply for the ones you chose. We are reviewing all the applications separately and by hand to notice all the talents you bring to the table. Feel free to apply for as many roles as you like.

Is there any problem with me working remotely from another country?

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Currently, we are recruiting candidates from all over European Union. We encourage candidates to apply from all over Europe because, for most of our projects, we can make it work. If you feel like you need a little bit of workation in another country, you can easily work remotely from each destination of your choosing. The only thing that matters to us in this scenario is you feeling comfortable while working efficiently.

I am very interested in your company, but I don't meet all of the requirements... should I apply?

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Definitely YES. The requirements for each and every role are different. Some of them are hard requirements, like good command of the English language or an interest in technology listed in a job offer - those ones you have to meet. But there are also light conditions which can often be replaced by other skills you bring to the table. So if you feel you do not possess all the listed necessities - do not hesitate to apply and try your best. Remember, we all started somewhere.

I am not from Poland. Would you be still interested?

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For Curiosum, it is 100% irrelevant what is your nationality. As long as you can understand and appreciate our company’s way of working, contacting clients and fulfilling tasks, it is not important what is your place of birth. Therefore, you can still be an essential and valuable part of our Software House.

What if I don't speak Polish?

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In our Software House, we are working fully internationally, which implies that you definitely need to communicate properly in English, but other than that, you do not have to worry. But, of course, if you wish, our team would be more than happy to share our culture with you and teach you our language if you so desire.

I have a hectic life and chaotic schedule - is there any possibility of working around that?

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There is definitely a way. We are working 80% asynchronous, which means that when you join us, you have a full possibility to create your schedule of work in a way it fits your different hobbies, responsibilities and much-needed rest. We offer fully remote or office-based work, but the choice is yours.

The flexible working time is a must in our way of working. That being said, of course, very often we have to work together, then you have to be able to connect your schedule with other colleagues so you can meet and create something cooperatively. You can work on your own terms as long as you understand that other people also have flexible schedules.

Do you offer vacation days or sick leaves?

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Well, yes, of course. In our company, we offer a complete package of benefits that are tailored specifically to your needs. A few of those benefits are vacation days and sick leave - it doesn’t matter if you are on a mandate contract or a B2B contract. We want our curious employees and partners to be fully rested and healthy. Life sometimes happens, so no matter what, you can be sure that you do not have to stress when you need a vacation or feel under the weather.

Can I recommend someone?

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We have a dedicated referral program for our employees and partners, which features an effortless step-by-step process of recommending someone to work in Curiosum. It is a little more complicated when it comes to people that do not work in our company, but if you are interested and have somebody perfect for a role here in mind, contact us.

I love what I do now, but I would also like to improve my skills in other technologies; what are your views on that?

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For now, our company specializes in Elixir technology on the backend side of web development, but on the front side, we are open to many technologies, both new and classic. If you wish to pursue a career in functional languages and technologies, applying here is the best idea. We are always eager to help our developers improve their journey to new and exciting skills and knowledge. We are always happy to help by being transparent, supportive and providing resources.

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