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Phoenix LiveView Tutorial

Phoenix LiveView Tutorial - build interactive live chat application from scratch

Elixir and its ecosystem is gradually becoming the go-to platform for many web application developers who want both performance and productivity without a tradeoff. With a thorough crash course of Phoenix Framework's hot deal, Phoenix LiveView, using which we'll build a Messenger-like live chat application, we'll try to demonstrate that with Elixir it's easy to write real-time messaging apps that leverage the lanugage's concurrency capabilities.

Introducing Kanta - the ultimate solution to translations in Elixir web apps

Introducing Kanta - the ultimate solution to translations in Elixir & Phoenix web apps

Handling translations in web applications can be a challenging and time-consuming task. The process entails managing various files, tracking modifications, and ensuring that translations remain current as the project progresses. These complexities can slow down development and introduce errors. That’s why we decided to create an open source solution: Kanta. In this blog post, we’ll explore the problem of managing translations in web apps, and how Kanta simplifies the process. We’ll also compare it with other translation management tools and delve into its powerful plugins.