Why did our company decide to join SoDA? How does this NGO influence the development of the Polish IT industry, in particular software houses? Find out what's Curiosum's goal as a SoDA member and why we believe it could benefit the Elixir programming

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    Back in January 2022, Curiosum joined SoDA - Polish Software Development Association.

    SoDA is an organization representing the IT Services Business Sector in Poland, supporting and integrating Polish software companies. They are working to integrate the Polish software development market by connecting the IT industry in Poland.

    A little history of SoDA

    SoDA was established in 2018. Initially, it was just a group of several companies to discuss, share experiences, and exchange knowledge and good practices. However, after some time, the group began to grow and also decided to organize several meetings and events.

    Today, the Poland Software Development Association (SoDA) associates 154 software houses from all over Poland.

    What does SoDA do? Advantages for members

    Education, research and analysis and the tools that will make us grow even faster!

    We decided to join SoDA because we saw an excellent opportunity for networking with the most significant software houses in Poland. In addition, we keep updated with the world trends in technology and solutions, which support small and global companies.

    Exchanging experiences and discussing industry problems help find solutions for faster development and join exciting projects around group members. In addition, smaller software companies can learn from larger ones.

    We have the opportunity to join exciting industry events prepared especially for SoDA members. Using reports prepared by SoDA, especially for our industry, we learn how to direct our development and which aspects are worth looking at. As a result, we remain competitive and open to what the market expects from the IT industry. These reports also show us how high Poland ranks among software houses worldwide.

    The Polish Software Development Association helps us also in the exchange of leads. It's fantastic because we can exchange clients or projects with other SoDA companies when our teams are overloaded. Still, at the same time - exchange needs and connect potential customers with trusted companies in the organization.

    SoDA enables its members to expand their activities to foreign markets by participating in various business meetings and conferences. It is a platform aimed at generating new opportunities for associated companies, particularly building an extensive professional network. Thanks to the SoDA community, we can quickly contact people who – like our founders – build companies with passion and based on the latest technologies.

    All of these are huge advantages of being a SoDA member.

    What is the goal for Curiosum as a member of SoDA?

    We believe that participation in the association will expand our network and help establish fruitful relationships with other companies operating in the Polish software development industry. We look forward to collaborating with other SoDA members. We hope our contributions will bring value to the development of the entire IT sector in Poland. And the development of Polish IT in the world means the development of our company too.

    Elixir Development possibilities

    Curiosum wants to bring our technological competence, contacts, and experience developed over the years and shared it with other partners. There are not many Elixir software development companies in Poland still. We hope our knowledge can help other software companies that it is worth considering Elixir programming language as a technology in their future projects. Being a partner from a backend side, we can implement our Elixir experience and help scale the projects even faster!

    We also can't wait for other Elixir & Phoenix partners who will join the SoDA community. Also, if you are a founder or investor who looks for Elixir companies to create a strong partnership for your project, don't hesitate to look around SoDA members (of course, we recommend Curiosum the most!). We are happy to contribute with our code and make your applications more efficient, optimized and scalable.

    Natalia Szydłowska
    Natalia Szydłowska Marketing Specialist

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