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Elixir is taking over! 5 editions of Elixir Meetups by Curiosum are behind us!

Five Elixir Meetups are behind us! Who were the speakers, how many people attended, what is the idea? When the thought of organizing regular meetups with Elixir tech crossed our minds, we didn't suspect that they would enjoy such a big audience!

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    When the thought of organizing regular meetings with Elixir technology (which will be available online for everyone) crossed our minds, we did not suspect that they would start to enjoy such a big audience!

    Today, we are after the 5th Elixir Meetup by Curiosum, and we are not slowing down - we are getting ready for the next meeting next month!

    Backstage of Elixir Meetups

    The 5th editions of Elixir Meetup by Curiosum are behind us. Brilliant presenters, exciting topics, but also a ton of stress and preparation every time. "It's just online meetings!" - someone might say. In addition, we invite guests to them, and we do not organize them only ourselves.

    What does backstage look like? Planning topics, organizing speeches in time, controlling to get all the information needed for promotion from presenters, and making sure that they know how to use the platform we have chosen for these meetings. And above all - contact with you, our recipients! Contrary to appearances, each meetup takes over a month of work before the meeting actually happens.

    But we do all this with great pleasure as we watch the Alchemists community integrate, exchange opinions and ideas, and grow stronger!

    What do we care about? On the promotion of Elixir technology, its development, on the mutual exchange of knowledge. And it seems to us that we are achieving this goal so far!

    Well - what's behind us after five Elixir Meetups?

    During 5 meetings so far, we've had:

    • 10 speakers who prepared varied and interesting topics
    • over 350 unique attendees LIVE with different levels of expertise in Elixir technology (from junior to senior)
    • almost 100 subscribers on our YouTube channel
    • over 670 minutes spent during meetings (i.e. over 11 hours!)
    • over 1,400 total views of our meetups on YouTube!

    These numbers speak for themselves, don't they?

    They give us motivation and energy to continue working because it means that the Elixir community grows, and we ... contribute to it!

    At this point, we should thank all our previous guests, who were full of commitment in preparing their presentations and all of you, who are still signing up for our next Elixir Meetups!

    Let's experience it again...! What happened during these 5 editions?

    Let's make a small summary of all editions - what happened during the five Elixir Meetups?

    Elixir Meetup #1 - Speakers and topics presented:

    • Krzysztof Kempiński - Reliability of Elixir and Erlang
    • Michał Buszkiewicz - Debugging Elixir code - the tools, the mindset
    • Szymon Soppa - Structuring Elixir & Phoenix project - our approach

    Recording: Elixir Meetup #1

    Elixir Meetup #2 - Speakers and topics presented:

    • Łukasz Niemier - "config.exs is simple" and other lies
    • Gustavo Oliveira - Three levels to think using Liveview

    Recording: Elixir Meetup #2

    Elixir Meetup #3 - Speakers and topics presented:

    • Joshua Plicque - Phoenix LiveView: A Solution to Madness
    • Rob Raisch - Lightning Talk: A walk-thru of a full Nerves application

    Recording: Elixir Meetup #3

    Elixir Meetup #4 - Speakers and topics presented:

    • Michael Lubas - Throttling and Blocking Bad Requests in Phoenix with PlugAttack
    • Bartosz Górka - Tracking your Elixir applications using Telemetry and Metrics

    Recording: Elixir Meetup #4

    Elixir Meetup #5 - Speakers and topics presented:

    • Miguel Cobá - Elixir, Kubernetes and minikube
    • Michał Buszkiewicz - A Framework for Unified Authorization in Elixir

    Recording: Elixir Meetup #5

    Elixir Meetup #6 - upcoming presentations?

    Our next meetup in June also promises to be very interesting, so don't wait and register today! This time the subject matter will be more varied. There will be something for juniors and those deeply involved in Elixir development. Find out more!

    Register here: Elixir Meetup #6 - June, 8

    Elixir Meetups #7 - #10 - depends on YOU!

    Become a part of it and prepare a presentation!

    If you would like to participate in the future editions as a speaker - let us know! We are waiting for you!

    Register as a speaker: BECOME A SPEAKER** **

    Thank you for being with us!

    We greatly appreciate the positive feedback from Elixir Meetup participants. Looks like you found the tips we shared helpful and learned something new at each meetup! We are so thankful for your engagement at the meetings, good questions in the chat every time and great answers in our surveys!

    We are also happy to participate in meetings, expanding our knowledge and community. The Elixir is taking over! Thank you for being part of it!

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    How many editions of Elixir Meetups have been organized by Curiosum so far?

    There have been five editions of the Elixir Meetups organized by Curiosum.

    What topics are generally covered in these Elixir Meetups?

    Topics range from Elixir and Erlang reliability, debugging Elixir code, to application structuring with Elixir & Phoenix, and more advanced subjects like Kubernetes integration.

    Who attends the Elixir Meetups, and what is the community size?

    The meetups attract over 350 unique attendees with varying levels of Elixir expertise, from junior to senior developers.

    How can someone register to speak at future Elixir Meetups?

    Individuals interested in speaking at future editions can register by contacting Curiosum to become a part of the event.

    What has been the impact of the Elixir Meetups on the community according to Curiosum?

    The meetups have contributed to the growth of the Elixir community, fostering integration, idea exchange, and strengthening of community bonds.

    How are the Elixir Meetups promoted and what channels are used?

    Curiosum promotes the meetups through various channels including their YouTube channel, which has amassed a significant following and views.

    What feedback has Curiosum received from participants of the Elixir Meetups?

    Participants have provided positive feedback, finding the sessions helpful and informative, which reflects their continuous engagement and learning.

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