Discover this unique project's challenges, solutions, and exciting features that aim to revolutionize property management.

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    Meet the Speaker: Zvonimir Rudinski

    A Passionate Developer

    Zvonimir Rudinski, a technical lead at Noubis with over a decade of experience in software development, took the stage at Elixir Meetup #18. Passionate about programming, gardening, and cooking, Zvonimir's enthusiasm for problem-solving shines through his work. His presentation on Tenantee, a tool designed to assist landlords, was filled with insights and practical advice.

    Introducing Tenantee

    The Concept

    Tenantee is a free and open-source management tool for landlords designed to ease their burden while managing properties. Built with Phoenix, Elixir, Redis, and Postgres, it aims to unify property management into a single platform. From tracking rents to managing tenants, Tenantee offers a comprehensive solution for landlords.

    The Challenges

    Developing an open-source project like Tenantee comes with challenges, such as selecting the right tech stack. Zvonimir shares his experience of initially choosing React and the lessons learned from that decision. He emphasizes the importance of having everything in one code base and the difficulties of dealing with separate technologies.

    A Tour of Tenantee

    Features and Functionality

    Zvonimir provides a live demo of Tenantee, showcasing features like property and tenant management, rent calculation, overdue rent tracking, and more. He also highlights plans, including tax management, communication channels, and historical data tracking. The demo reveals the user-friendly interface and the thoughtful design that caters to landlords' needs.

    Community Contributions

    Grateful for the contributions from his co-workers and others, Zvonimir encourages more participation in the project. He emphasizes the importance of good developer experience and well-defined processes in open-source development. The community's involvement is vital to the growth and success of Tenantee, and Zvonimir's gratitude is evident.

    Q&A Session

    Insights and Suggestions

    The Q&A session explores data storage solutions, potential plugins, and the possibility of supporting different databases. Zvonimir's insights provide valuable guidance for anyone interested in open-source development. He discusses the challenges of implementing various DBS and the practicality of using adapters for data storage solutions.


    Tenantee represents a significant step towards simplifying property management for landlords. Its open-source nature invites collaboration and innovation, reflecting the spirit of the Elixir community. The project's potential to grow and adapt to the needs of landlords worldwide makes it a promising venture in the world of property management.

    Elixir Meetups

    Are you inspired by Tenantee? Join us at the next Elixir meetup by Curiosum. Register now and stay connected with the latest in Elixir development. Engage with industry experts, learn from real-world experiences, and be part of a thriving community.

    Watch the full video of the Elixir meetup by Curiosum if you prefer to see the presentation instead of reading the article. Experience firsthand the passion and expertise that went into the creation of Tenantee.


    What is Tenantee and who is it designed for?

    Tenantee is a free, open-source management tool built with Phoenix, Elixir, Redis, and Postgres, designed to assist landlords in managing their properties, including tracking rents and managing tenants.

    What challenges did Zvonimir Rudinski face in developing Tenantee?

    Zvonimir Rudinski faced challenges such as selecting the right tech stack and integrating different technologies into one cohesive codebase.

    What are the key features of Tenantee?

    Key features include property and tenant management, rent calculation, overdue rent tracking, and future plans for tax management and communication channels.

    How can the community contribute to Tenantee?

    The community can contribute by engaging with the project, offering code contributions, and participating in discussions to enhance its development and functionality.

    What are the future plans for Tenantee?

    Future plans include adding tax management, communication channels between landlords and tenants, and tracking historical data of properties and tenancies.

    How does Tenantee reflect the spirit of the Elixir community?

    Tenantee reflects the spirit of the Elixir community through its open-source nature, inviting collaboration and innovation from community members.

    Where can I learn more about contributing to Tenantee?

    Interested individuals can learn more about contributing by joining the Elixir community, participating in meetups, and engaging with the project on platforms where it is hosted.

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