Explore the insights of Elixir Security with Michael Lubas, the founder of Paraxial.io, as he shares his expertise at Curiosum's Elixir Meetup #18.

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    Elixir Security: A New Horizon

    The Importance of Elixir Security

    Michael Lubas opens the talk with a narrative about a bank's web application vulnerability, highlighting the significance of security in Elixir. He explains that, unlike other languages, Elixir's isolated memory space in the beam prevents data races, making it inherently more secure. This unique feature sets Elixir apart and offers a robust foundation for building secure applications.

    Elixir's Security Advantages

    Elixir's security benefits are often overlooked. Lubas emphasizes that Elixir's design, including Hex's well-structured system and Ecto's secure code-writing encouragement, makes it more secure than other languages like JavaScript, PHP, or Ruby. He provides examples of how Elixir's architecture minimizes common vulnerabilities, offering a safer development environment.

    Understanding Application Security

    Lubas explains the difference between desktop client software and application security, focusing on the latter. He illustrates how public-facing web servers need protection against constant attacks, using the Equifax data breach as a high-profile example. He stresses the importance of understanding the specific security needs of web applications and the challenges they face in today's interconnected world.

    Tools and Training for Elixir Security

    Lubas introduces various resources for learning about Elixir security, including books, guidelines, and tools like Soblo. He also mentions the Potion Shop project, an open-source Phoenix application designed to demonstrate vulnerabilities. These resources offer developers a hands-on approach to understanding and mitigating security risks in Elixir applications.

    Enhancing Elixir Security

    Lubas presents Exploit Guard, a runtime application self-protection library for Elixir. He hopes this open-source tool will improve Elixir's adoption in high-security environments. He explains how Exploit Guard can detect and prevent attacks in real-time, offering additional protection for Elixir applications.

    Common Security Issues in Phoenix Apps

    During the Q&A session, Lubas identifies the lack of rate limiting on login pages as a standard security issue in Phoenix apps. He emphasizes that this seemingly low-severity problem often leads to significant incidents, such as unauthorized account access or credit card fraud. He urges developers to recognize the importance of implementing proper rate limiting to prevent such attacks.


    Michael Lubas's presentation at Curiosum's Elixir Meetup #18 offers valuable insights into the world of Elixir security. From understanding the unique advantages of Elixir to exploring tools, common issues, and innovative solutions, the talk serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in securing their Elixir applications. Lubas's expertise and passion for Elixir security shine through, providing attendees with a rich and informative experience.

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