Elixir Meetup

date 09.03.2022
date 18:00 (CET)

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SCHEDULE of #3 Elixir Meetup

DATE: 9th of March / TIME: 18:00 (CET)

18:00 to 18:10 Szymon Soppa: Welcome.
18:10 to 19:00 Joshua Plicque: Phoenix LiveView: A Solution to Madness.
19:00 to 19:10 Discussion.
19:10 to 19:55 Rob Raisch: Lightning Talk: A walk-thru of a full Nerves application.
19:55 to 20:00 Final discussion / conclusion.


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Joshua Plicque

Joshua Plicque

Phoenix LiveView: A Solution to Madness

Founder of Or Equals, a US-based software consultancy specializing in Phoenix Live View and Elixir. I’ve bee working with Phoenix LiveView for about 2 years.

An interesting thing about me is that I’m a semi-pro poker player.

And here it is what he says about his presentation for Elixir Meetup: Phoenix LiveView: A Solution to Madness The Silicon valley hive-mind has infected us all. We live in a world of over-engineered solutions, in hedonic pursuit of the next hot thing. 
 Phoenix LiveView - the next hot thing - promises simplicity: no Javascript, real-time experiences… in a simpler programming model? It’s one thing to read it on Hacker News. It’s another thing to make a toy project. 
 After shipping LiveView code for two years, I can confirm that the bold promises that the framework makes are true!

Rob Raisch

Rob Raisch

Lightning Talk: A walk-thru of a full Nerves application

Rob Raisch has been working on the Internet longer than most, longer than it has existed in its current form. First, with an “unofficial” account on the U.S. ARPAnet and later, he helped transition the original research/educational network to the global commercial Internet we use today. As an early member of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Rob contributed to the design of HTTP, HTML, and CSS, and has been a six-times serial entrepreneur (founding The Internet Company - the first commercial Internet business-services consultancy - in 1991), an expert witness (24/7 Media v. Doubleclick and others), an angel investor & startup board-member, but his first passion has always been writing code.

Rob is currently Chief Architect of Monitoring Integration at SimpliSafe, Inc. and has been building services in Elixir for more than five years.

Rob prepared for us Lightning Talk: A walk-thru of a full Nerves application - Nerves ( is the leading IoT platform for Elixir/Erlang, allowing you to build and deploy robust, fault-tolerant, self-healing, and easily maintainable embedded systems. This talk will begin with a gentle introduction to Nerves, touching upon its design and main services. It will then present a walk-thru of a full Nerves application (an implementation of a home security base-station), and conclude with a live demo of the system running on a Raspberry Pi 4.

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