Elixir Meetup #9
ARCHIVE from 14.09.2022

Meetup videos

Check the recordings of the presentations prepared by Mika Kalathil , Pedro Paulino

This meetup took place on 2022-09-14.
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Mika Kalathil

Multi-node Communication & Strategies

Mika has been using Elixir for nearly 8 years. He currently works as the Chief Architect at Blitz.gg serving millions of users and processing over 1 billion rows daily. He also runs learn-elixir.dev where he teaches the lessons learned over years of experimentations and experience with scale in production.

About the presentation: Doing a deep-dive into how we work with distributed systems and what type of strategies we have available to us when communicating across a cluster

Pedro Paulino

Elixir: Choosing the Right Tool

Pedro Paulino was born and raised in Brazil. Currently living in Maringá, Paraná State, Brazil, he has been working in I.T since 2009 and since 2020, currently works as UX Designer. As a side project, he has been working on his project called Gearcloud.

About presentation: In the presentation, I will describe why I choose Elixir to be part of a new side project that I am working on and my experiences during the testing process to choose the language.

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