Elixir Meetup #6
ARCHIVE from 08.06.2022

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Check the recordings of the presentations prepared by Gustavo Oliveira, Adolfo Neto

This meetup took place on 2022-06-08.
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Gustavo Oliveira

TDD with Liveview simpler than you imagine!

Gustavo Oliveira is the owner of Youtube channels: ELXPRO BR and ELX PRO. These channels are focused on teaching the Elixir language from basic to advanced.

More than 300k Views on youtube channels, more than 80 Elixir Students in Brazil He has a mentoring and monitoring program with the same name (ELXPRO) that aims to develop and train programmers with the most different backgrounds, to make them specialized professionals with a desired profile in the Elixir market.

Adolfo Neto

Learning Erlang and Elixir through Exercism and Advent of Code

Adolfo Neto is an Associate Professor at the Federal University of Technology, Paraná. His research interests are software development communities and agile methods. He is co-creator and co-host of the Fronteiras da Engenharia de Software podcast, the Elixir em Foco podcast, and Emílias Podcast - Women in Computing, all in Portuguese. He is also co-creator and co-host of the Hello, Erlang! podcast (now on pause). He has been studying Elixir since 2018.

About the presentation: Software developers are invited to contribute to the development of a course on functional programming that uses Elixir as its main language. This talk explores the use of Elixir as a functional programming language, discussing its benefits and drawbacks for teaching. Your insights and experiences will be crucial in shaping a curriculum that imparts functional programming concepts effectively, using Elixir as a tool to enhance understanding. Your participation will help ensure the course aligns with the needs and expectations of fellow developers in the field.

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