Elixir Meetup

date 08.06.2022
date 18:00 (CET)

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Gustavo Oliveira

Gustavo Oliveira

TDD with Liveview simpler than you imagine!

He owns the following channels: ELXPRO BR - 1,4K subscribers, and ELX PRO with almost 600 subscribers. These channels are focused on teaching the Elixir language from basic to advanced.

He also has a mentoring and monitoring program with the same name (ELXPRO) that aims to develop and train programmers with the most different backgrounds, to make them specialized professionals with a desired profile in the Elixir market.

Gustavo was with us during our second meetup. This time he will present topic “TDD with Liveview simpler than you imagine!” More info soon!

Adolfo Neto

Adolfo Neto

Learning Erlang and Elixir through Exercism and Advent of Code

Adolfo Neto is an Associate Professor at the Federal University of Technology, Paraná since 2008. He is also the creator and co-host of the Elixir em Foco podcast, a podcast about Elixir and the BEAM in Portuguese.

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