Elixir Meetup #7
ARCHIVE from 13.07.2022

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This meetup took place on 2022-07-13.
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Szymon Soppa

Perfecting local and remote Elixir CI pipeline

Szymon is an experienced developer and CEO at Curiosum. He led multiple outsourcing projects in different industries and founded an event discovery startup with tens of thousands of downloads on app stores.

About the presentation: The cost of developer time is expensive, you don’t want to waste it! One of our goals in day-to-day development is to optimize things, and that’s exactly what we should do to our CIs to reduce badly spent developer time and engage him in something more productive.

In this talk, I’ll guide you through some steps we implemented in CI at Curiosum, as well as propose a local CI setup that can be shared across your team. In short: check as much as possible in an automated way, and do not waste time on things you don’t have to in Code Review and daily development.

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