Elixir Meetup

date 12.10.2022
date 18:00 (CET)

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Joshua Plicque

Joshua Plicque

3 Secrets to Unlocking Elite Developer Productivity

Founder of Or Equals, a US-based software consultancy specializing in Phoenix Live View and Elixir. I’ve bee working with Phoenix LiveView for about 2 years.

An interesting thing about me is that I’m a semi-pro poker player.

And here it is what he says about his presentation for Elixir Meetup: [to be announced]

Saša Jurić

Saša Jurić

Q&A session

Elixir mentor. Saša is a freelancer helping companies adopting Elixir and use it efficiently in prod. He has many years of experience building server systems, as well as desktop applications using various languages and technologies. For the past ten years, his focus has been on building backend systems using Elixir and Erlang. He is the author of “Elixir in Action”, and an occasional blogger at

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