Elixir Meetup #30
ARCHIVE from 10.07.2024

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This meetup took place on 2024-07-10.
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Nelson Vides

Why – and how! Load-testing as Part of your TDD Cycle

Nelson is a self-taught programmer who actually studied Mathematics. It became apparent since his early days in programming that he’d be interested in low-level performant code, as well as in functional programming and finding the right concurrency model. All these fields of interests met when he met Robert Virding, one of the creators of Erlang, where he discovered a language that is concurrent from the ground up, functional, and with a brilliant low-level design. He’s now a Senior Consultant at Erlang Solutions, and one of the core members of the MongooseIM team, a scalable and extensible messaging platform. Yoga and history books are his two other passions.

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