Elixir Meetup

date 13.04.2022
date 18:00 (CET)

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Michael Lubas

Michael Lubas

Throttling and Blocking Bad Requests in Phoenix with PlugAttack

Michael Lubas is the founder of, a company focused on detecting and blocking malicious bots targeting Elixir and Phoenix applications. Michael has worked with Elixir for several years, and his professional background is in software security. Follow on Twitter:

PRESENTATION Phoenix web applications need to prevent attackers from performing automated login attempts. This talk will show how credential stuffing attacks happen against a Phoenix application, and some strategies to mitigate them using PlugAttack. This includes:

  • Setting up a victim application, named orru
  • Using a basic script to perform automated logins
  • The throttle and fail2ban rules in PlugAttack

Bartosz Górka

Bartosz Górka

Tracking your Elixir applications using Telemetry and Metrics

Bartosz Górka is a Software Engineer looking for challenging problems to solve. His mission is to help people build their businesses based on well-built software. He is the author of a blog where he publishes information related to the world of Elixir, productivity and the team management.

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