Elixir Meetup #11
ARCHIVE from 09.11.2022

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This meetup took place on 2022-11-09.
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Samuel Pereira

gRPC vs REST use comparison in the communication between microservices. What is grpc? Why use grpc over HTML? How to use grpc in Elixir.

Samuel is from Brazil, and he has been working with Elixir for almost two years now. He loves the functional paradigm! In his free time, he likes to watch horror movies and play his Xbox.

What is grpc? Why use grpc over HTML? How to use grpc in Elixir? In his presentation, Samuel will take us through the topic by following points:

  1. Intro Communication between microservices (REST, gRPC, GraphQL)
  2. Asynchronous vs. Synchronous
  3. gRPC Theoretical introduction to gRPC gRPC use with Elixir
  4. Methodology Communication problem REST vs gRPC comparison
  5. Results Performance Results Difficulties in adopting gRPC
  6. Conclusion

He will also explain why they adopted it in his company and how the process was.

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